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My coach, Amber barely had to pause me to have me explain a term I used, or redirect me to speak layman’s terms. Another success I noticed was when I would have conversations with my husband Justin about my work, and he barely would express his frustrations because I started using layman’s terms, and pausing to explain what a term meant. Being continuously paused or redirected made me become frustrated which is the problem I kept encountering. Although it was frustrating and a problem that I kept encountering, I continued to try and accomplish my goals, and create a habit of being more aware of the terms I am using, and explaining the terms without being prompted. Becoming frustrated made me come to realization of how my husband felt when I would jargon he didn’t understand. She has really helped me become more aware of the terms I have been using as well as making sure I explain medical terms that others do not understand. She has provided excellent feedback the past three weeks, an...

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