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This is according to FAO and Winarno and Allain. Methods For my research topic I looked into variety of databases including Gale Medline and even Google Scholar. I researched for key words such as “street foods” ” street food industries” and “street food industries in Philippines”. I then extended my search terms to include key words such as “advantages and disadvantages” “jurisdictions” “sanitation” and other descriptive words pertaining to my topic of research. I located potential articles by looking at the citations of protuberant articles I found and checked out there singular sources. My area of interest included the advantages and disadvantages of street food industries in Philippines. The purpose of this research was to focus on the merits and demerits of street food industries their jurisdictions and how they affect the health and sanitation in a Philippine society together with the economy. Results The Philippines streets are always flocked by street food vendors. The vendors ...

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How does Street Food Industries in Philippines Affect the People’s Health and Economy

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