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Despite this, Harry is forced to reside in a slink space located underneath the chairs. Conversely, Harry has never had a birthday party for the past 11 years and now he is presented with the demeaning reality that he must put on his cousin's baggy clothes (Rowling, 2015). However, since from the start, it can be acknowledged that Harry is destined for greatness as depicted by the existence of the lightning-shaped scar that is located on his forehead. Mysteriously, Harry receives a mail notice announcing on his chosen opportunity to attend Hogwarts (Rowling, 2015). Hogwarts is identified in the novel as the country’s elite school for the training of witches and the wizards, thus referred to as the Harvard of sorcery. In this world, people know right from their birth that they are wizards based on the fact that they are raised with sorcerer parents only to attend the old Hogwarts at much later in their lifetime. On the other hand, individuals, like Harry, are brought up by real human...

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Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

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