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Also, research has been conducted to determine both the long-term as well as short-term impacts of the Depression. However, little research has been done to find out how the blacks who were residing in America at that time were impacted. This research is driven by the fact that the African Americans had been facing discrimination even before the Depression. The vast majority of blacks have always had less than whites. It only stands to reason they would have less than their white counterparts during the Great Depression.Laissez-faire theory PAGEREF _Toc458628614 \h 72.Keynesian Theory PAGEREF _Toc458628615 \h 7Impact on Health Sector PAGEREF _Toc458628616 \h 7Impact on Education Sector PAGEREF _Toc458628617 \h 7Relevance of the Reviewed Literature to the research topic PAGEREF _Toc458628618 \h 8Research gap to be bridged by the study PAGEREF _Toc458628619 \h 8METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc458628620 \h 8Target population PAGEREF _Toc458628621 \h 8Population size PAGEREF _Toc458628622 \h 8Bud...

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Great Depression research proposal

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