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Globalization has led to developments of new cultures, way of life and how the Mayans operate across the state. Globalization is a powerful economic force aimed at bringing a faster integration of state economies. However, it also serves as an ideological state of change. In present day Florida, the Mayan population has experienced remarkable evolution due to the inception of globalization and Western culture. To begin with, one of the major effects that globalization has had on the Mayan population in South Florida can be witnessed in the healthcare sector. Food globalization has been the onset of nutritional transitions which affect healthcare. Globalization has brought modern governments which do not believe in ancient forms of healing anymore and have placed strict laws to support human welfare and health. In essence, in Florida the Florida Healthcare Association (FHA) has insisted on the western forms of medicine such as medical insurance KNHKaiser, (2009). Modern Mayans are empl...

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Globilization and thcte perspeive related to the Mayan population in south Florida

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