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180 nations globally and employs not less than 30 400 workers in its approximate 200 production sites. It has a boastful collection of about 200 alcohol brands. Diageo's history dates back to 1759 when the Guinness empire was established (Diego). Indeed it is impressive how the food and beverage giant has managed to retain and even grow its market share over the years. Analysis of Sales platforms and recommendations The covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns and movement restrictions caused significant interruptions with how companies interacted with customers. Diageo was one of the companies greatly affected and was forced to modify its sales platforms to keep up with the laws and regulations enforced during the pandemic. As pubs bars and restaurants were closed down due to the pandemic Diageo was forced to rethink its primary sales platform – on-premises trade which sells foods and drinks through such venues. Before the pandemic approximately 60 percent of Diageo's sales took pla...

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Student to submit individual assignment in essay format on the following topics: Select a global organisation and conduct research on the selling platforms utilized by the organisation. Assess/analyse the sales platforms on the basis of their commercial success, effectiveness and reach. Describe h...

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