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This creates emphasis in the movie to emphasize of the brutality and the intense nature of the situation as a whole. In the Movie Europa Europa, there are various scenes that are brought to express the situations that occur in the move with Solly but in a mild form so as not to rub in the events that happened in world war two. Mr. Tang therefore takes a different approach with the aim of portraying the differences in the two countries and making the viewer understand the reasons for the events that occurred. As the war between the Chinese and the Japanese progressed, the Japanese clearly dominated the war by blocking and taking over the main cities in China. The movie gives the viewer a sense of helplessness in the things that occurred, making them feel that there is nothing that could have been done to these tragedies. As a result of these happenings in the past, it is important for the non Chinese to know about the history so as to understand the enmity between the Chinese and the...

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Film Reflection (City of life and death 2009)

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