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One of the aspects of society that women have brought out in their journey of fashion is feminism. Women through time have often been seen to be trying to make statements by defying the societal perspective of how they should present themselves (Roberts, pg 657). Even today’s culture we still see women especially feminists still trying to use fashion as a way to communicate their ideas be it in runways or even in the social circles. Despite the fact that people have been cautious in understanding the role of fashion in women’s social liberation, it can be said that fashion has played a significant role in the aspect of social change as women through time have embraced fashion as way to make a political statement (Strassel, pg 37).Just like it was ages ago, women are still judged by what they wear and what they do not wear as rebels are seen to not conform to what the society dictates of women. I believe that still in today’s culture, women still use fashion as a medium of expressing th...

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Feminism in Fashion

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