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2Social Media Marketing in the Heath Sector PAGEREF _Toc36390473 \h 111.4Social Media Marketing in The Agriculture Sector PAGEREF _Toc36390474 \h 131.2Negative Impacts Social Media Marketing Investment on Chinese Culture.3Competitor and Market Monitoring PAGEREF _Toc36390482 \h 252.4Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Feedback. PAGEREF _Toc36390483 \h 272.3Methods of Selecting Study Cases PAGEREF _Toc36390491 \h 363.4Data Collection Techniques PAGEREF _Toc36390492 \h 373.5Analysis of Collected Data PAGEREF _Toc36390493 \h 393.6Limitations of the Study PAGEREF _Toc36390494 \h 393.7Reliability and validity of collected data PAGEREF _Toc36390495 \h 404.4Customer Engagement, Loyalty, Feedback. PAGEREF _Toc36390502 \h 535.5Optimization of Costs and Marketing Expenses PAGEREF _Toc36390503 \h 545.2Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for Companies in the Chinese Market PAGEREF _Toc36390504 \h 556., Lin, D. & Silverman, 2012). Increased investment in irrigation and water conservation progr...

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Evolution of Marketing in China in Times of Social Media; A Weibo And Tiktok Case Study.

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