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S. sales. It is crucial the attendees are well versed in the new product technology, hence why the new product training takes up five hours of the conference. By doing so, it will create the confidence in the upper level employees who will then train and educate the lower level employees after the conference concludes. Once all of the employees develop the skills and terminology to sell the new line, the company should expect to see an increase in sales. This creates an easier way to prioritize the stakeholders and their objectives. Stakeholder Interest: How much does the project affect them? (1- 5) Influence: How much do they have? (1- 5) Most Important Goal How they will contribute Best way to manage/contact Event Manager 5 5 Put on a successful event, meet objectives of all stakeholders Serving as a point of contact and overseeing all of the planning and execution of the event Email or WhatsApp for quickest responses Event Team 4 4 Assist in putting on a successful event, contr...

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This is a planning portfolio of an event including a Work Breakdown Structure, Gant Chart, Stakeholder Analysis and a Risk Assessment. It was submitted in November 2020 at the University of Westminster and I got 80.

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