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This attribution to moral living is considered to be an extension of Socrates's commitment to moral living. While trying to empower the philosophy of virtuous living, Aristotle developed Nicomachean ethics which encouraged the need to develop our moral philosophy by considering how we could engrave the best moral traits within our character. In his idea, he considered it possible for an individual to learn and develop a virtuous life through a learning initiative. By establishing an integrated totality of one’s moral traits, it is possible to create a moral character over time. From the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle also ventures on people’s need to achieve happiness or in other words, live well. According to his theory, man can only develop himself by making free choices for whose outcomes he would take responsibility (Poellner, 2015). This theory has been criticized as being dangerous for it does not provide detailed demonstrations of the limits within which people would take these...

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Based on student's need to develop a personal philosophy.

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