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do. Men are also expected to be responsible by taking care of their family. For men to show that they can take care of their families they need to take initiative in relationships. Men are taught how to treat women by the way their fathers treated their mothers when they were children. If men learn to be affectionate and caring towards their wives then the relationships formed will be strong enough to withstand any problem they may face in marriage. Women are now taking the initiative to initiate relationships (James Georgia). They feel more confident when they make the first move. They believe that if they make the first move they will be able to control the relationship and tell the other party what they expect in the relationship. Women therefore feel that they are in the same level as the men they are chasing seeing themselves as able decision makers. Women these days are more evolved enabling them to take on the roles that were previously accorded to men. They can now take onshoul...

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Essay - Should the man be the main pursuer

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