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Resurgence of coronary artery disease and heart failure is likely to be witnessed, as a result of which SCD will have to be arrested as a shared and unselective worldwide public health endemic. In years to come, as fibrillation cases among cases of SCA continues to fall and no-pulse electrical activity continue to rise, resuscitation techniques are likely to advance towards treatment of this pulseless electrical activity. It has been recognised also that the discovery of meaningful and appropriate methodologies for stratification and prevention of risk requires critical prospective analyses and access to databases of large archives of DNA, serum and other live tissues that link with physical human characteristics in all communities worldwide (Chugh, et al. Despite of an improved focus, the significant delay in developing effective risk stratification and prevention measures can be attributed to poor understanding of mechanisms involved especially at the community wide level. Criti...

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Epidemiology of Sudden Cardiac Death

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