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a computer from anywhere in the world it would be the use of the internet as part of our biological body as if it were our own DNA and finally in this brief chronology of Elon Musk on November 13 2021 Time magazine nodded the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX as the personality of the year 2021 "for creating solutions to an existential crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic for incorporating the possibilities and dangers of the Age of The Titans of technology thus promoting the most daring and innovative transformations of today's society" (TIME 2021) Below we have an image that illustrates Elon Musk in at Tesla presented to the team an electric car prototype in which will forever change the automotive history of the planet Musk always ahead of his time with innovative and inspiring projects that will surely change the automotive history forever surely this great leader has an impressive business vision that inspires even the most skeptical. Figure 1: Detroit Auto Show Detroit January 12 2010 (Bloomber...

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The Assignment (3,000 words approximately) will require the student to: • Read a biography or autobiography about one of the following Organizational Leaders. • (a) Elon Musk • Prepare a three-part report on this person. Part 1 is a 500 word abstract of the book. Part 2 is a 2,000 word analysis o...

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