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Instead of offering competition to the trained teacher, the older adult, whether paid or a volunteer, makes learning enjoyable for children and teaching work easier. Teachers tend to take the role of management and classroom management while older adults focus more on the familial type of behaviors and relate with children informally Coneus & Sprietsma, 2011). Even with training, older adults retain the same capacity as nurturing caregivers and educators. Intergenerational activities are an essential strategy in stimulating children to think about aging and lifespan development. Children should learn about young age, the mid-life, and old age as well. The study involved two early childhood education centers. Both centers had adult volunteers. The variable considered in the study include the level of prior experience, interest in intergenerational programming, planning, tactics, and senior adult orientation strategies followed in each center (Hilbert & Eis, 2013). Findings Working w...

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