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examined with mixed results being derived from the tests that have already been undertaken. There has been a host of research on the topic although the results have not given a single aspect or a distinction between the two genders in memory retention. According to Gaaba and others (2003) there are differences in the results for research that is undertaken in children and adolescents with the male and females showing strengths in different strengths. Herlitz et al (1997) reiterates that although there is a distinctive model that can be created and derived in the research and investigations in these ages there is a major difference in some of the tests that are conducted over the others. In verbal memory tasks research has showed that female outperform the males. The females according to a research conducted for children between 9-21 years old showed that the females have higher scores in these tests although they have lower scores on visual recognition memory. This was significant in h...

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Does Gender Affect Memory?

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