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At Trident University, there are ten stipulated steps that a doctorate paper has to follow. Steps to writing doctoral-level paper at Trident University A research paper written about a chosen unique is what is referred to as a research paper. Below are the stipulated steps for writing a research paper. Coming up with the research topic. This is an important step that is primary and very challenging. It can be written before you start the paper or you can leave the space to fill at the end of the paper automatically. Notes organization. Researchers have to arrange all data contained in the outline. Here you have to do an analysis of all the data collected and cross-check its accuracy using the most appropriate available sources. The research ideas, thoughts, and findings have to be communicated effectively by the researcher as well as the viewpoints that support the thesis must be documented. This can be done by comparing with the papers from other researchers from Trident Univer...

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