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In their endeavour to provide services to the customers, businesses grow their production and sales, thus increasing the enterprises’ net worth. Apart from that, businesses widen their scope; cater for their daily and monthly expenditure on wages and salaries as well as rent. It is therefore paramount that the organisations put more efforts in streamlining him customer experience in their operations. Before setting the customer service goals, businesses have first to identify who their clients are intensive. Customers in any business are found within and outside the agency; it is the duty of the enterprise to identify the scope of their customers. Training Strategy Training strategy identifies the plan and approach that should be used by an organisation to ensure that the necessary skills are attained. The strategy also gives the timelines for each step until the results are attained. In this report, the training strategy to be used for better customer service includes: Analysis o...

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Better customer service ensures that customers develop trust in the business. Customers, as stakeholders of any business, have to be given specific attention

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