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digitization are documented poorly in unreliable manner or they cannot be accessed when needed. In addition during transmission of health records into EHRs some information may be omitted and yet it might be vital (Berger et al. 1270). This was the case that happened in Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas when there was an Ebola outbreak and they failed to enter all the relevant information regarding this disease in their system. In addition Mater Hospitals may face the challenge of maintaining the privacy of their client’s records. During transmission their client’s health records may be exposed as well as its financial information. Third the hospitals may face the challenge of maintaining the professional relationships with their clients. According to physicians like DR. Adrian Gropper of CTO which is a non-profit patient privacy rights organization EHRs interfere with the physician-physician as well as physician to patient relationship. This is because EHRs usuallythat has both minimal ...

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