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is majorly due to these evils. The pandemic is an opportunity for America to amend its policies and face the interrelated flaws. America preaches freedom and justice and it is about time for the nation to embrace these values completely. During his speech in 1967 famously known as “The Three Evils of Society” Martin Luther King Jr. touched on racism militarism excess materialism and economic exploitation all interrelated. When addressing racism King claimed that the United States was handling the matter with a schizophrenic approach with two contradicting personalities (Bazian). This is the same ideology the country uses to date by boldly emphasizing democracy and its principles on one end while on the other hand practicing the exact opposite. Every attempt to combat racism in America is always neutralized a situation Martin Luther Jr. termed as “White backlash” (Bazian). Similarly after years of progress in terms of racial equality Trump in his 2016 election campaign made it plain tha...

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Covid-19 has affected various aspects of life. The four interrelated laws as pointed out by Martin Luther King Jr. has also been affected. Date of Submisison: 4/14/2020 Grade: A Submitted to Moi University

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