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Name Student Course Date Categorical Imperative and Hypothetical Imperative Comparison The categorical imperative is an entirely absolute requirement which ought to be obeyed all the situations justified as the end in itself and popularly known as the first formulation. It is one of the Emmanuel Kant’s central philosophy in the famous deontological moral philosophy. Moral action on the other hand is our actions based on our will to do something (Kant 307-6).The two concepts aim at establishing the basis on which the ordinary moral judgments are based. Categorical imperatives and hypothetical imperatives are two different concepts. Kant says that the fundamental principle of our moral duties is categorical imperative since they are designed for people to follow them yet they might not support it. It is categorical by the virtue that it appears to us unconditionally simply because we havelong as they do not convict someone towards abandoning their moral principles In conclusion it is ap...

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