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Fitzgerald suggested that they should kill Glass. Glass was only required to blink to signal that he was ready to die. While blinking is an automatic action, he struggled hard not to blink so that he could live despite the pain. While there is a similarity in the themes from both genres illuminated through the themes of endurance and fear, the theme of ignorance and revenge sets them apart especially because the former is exhibited in the short story and not in the film while the latter is evident in the film but missing in the short story. Both ‘To Build a Fire’ and ‘The Revenant’ seemed to dwell on the theme of endurance. Glass tolerated the pain of having been hurt by a bear in the forest and being inflicted with serious wounds. He bore to watch his son Hawk stabbed to death for defending him. Covered up in the dirt, he was left to die. Still, in pain, he struggled through the deep woods to find something to eat where he fed on roots. He used the gunpowder he had on him to try to ...

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Compare and contrast the short story “To Build a Fire” with the film “The Revenant” in a 1000-1200 word essay.

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