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Foster parents are expected to raise the child as their own, and they are trained to be effective in the parenting task. All over the world there are cases of foster parents who are not effective in parenting, and they end up affecting the life of the children, this is not ace[table because foster children do not get in this position because of their fault hence they should be raised well as other children (Fowler et al. There are some characteristics that are considered effective in foster parenting, and they are discussed in this paper. The placement of children in foster cares is commonly done by social service agencies or governments, and they compensate the foster parent, ward, or group home for expenses. Foster Parenting A foster parent is a caregiver who is willing to help children in time of crisis. Foster parents take care of children when they do not have anyone to take care of them or in a circumstance where the child is not able to stay with the people responsible for t...

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Characteristic of Effective Foster Parenting

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