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EduCap Inc. has recently been accused of various unethical practices one of which was poor accounting practices. The non-profit company has been charged with misusing tax-exempt status by charging additional interests on their loans (Sharyl). The company is also alleged of providing a lot of millions in reimbursements and lavish grounds to its CEO and her partner and the misuse of the organisation’s private jet for friends and family (Sharyl). The company is also accused of purchasing a Gulfstream jet by $30. If solutions are to be found, first, the nature of authority needs to be changed. Maybe instead of one person being in charge of all the decisions, the whole organization should work as a team both in authority and under authority. This means that no one will be bigger than the laws set and that everyone should be let in on every judgement that is being made. If for example in the case of increasing rates of school loans, the increase should be suggested to the whole organizatio...

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