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Background of the Problem The prohibition or limitations directed towards women clergy in the ministry are the main problems in this research. Research provides historical data, which Cleary shows the state of this issue based on evaluations and analysis. From the beginning, women have never held higher positions in the ministry due to the problem of sexism (Cunningham & Hamilton 2011). Though researchers may differ based on their findings, the main issue, which stands out in this question, is sexism. Though this is the case, the contribution of women in the ministry has made an impact (Ryrie & Patterson, 2011). Therefore, a great challenge to the church, which has not considered the need for ordaining women clergy in the ministry. (Grenz&Kjesbo, 2010). Church managements are supposed to consider the views, which are explained in the Bible and thus base their activities on them. Some common arguments against ordaining women include: Cultures and various specul...

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