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Mary Beard seeks to establish that women have been denied the chance of public speaking over the years. This paper is meant to offer a clear indication that, women should be respected and valued equality to the other gender (males) in the community since what a man can do, a woman can do. In the article, women have been shown to be deprived of the opportunity to speak. Penelope is shut down by her son Telemachus. She finds a bard performing to her suitors about the difficulties faced by the Greek heroes in reaching home. The women who spoke out were considered androgynes and freaks. Maesia successfully defended herself in the courts and was considered to have a man’s nature behind the appearance of a woman and was therefore referred to as an androgyne.Afrania used to initiate legal cases herself and was impertinent enough to plead in person making everyone tired of her. Her date of death was recorded but that of birth was not because she was considered a freak. Elizabeth I was also con...

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"ArticleAnalysis-Evaluate the effectiveness of Mary Beard's ""The Public Voice of Women"".Is her article persuasi"

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