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In learning institutions junk foods are readily available and their consumption is very high due the established popularity among students. With the unhealthy risks associated, junk foods should be banned in learning institutions. Whole foods (healthy foods) often provide a variety of benefits, most notably better nutrition when compared to junk foods. A diet which is rich in vegetables and fruits can help reduce risk of a variety of diseases including stroke and heart attack. Most vegetables have low calorie foods that contain high levels of minerals and high levels of many vitamins and fiber, all of these improve health. Junk foods have increasingly become a serious threat to the health of the young students in America. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2004) says that 16% of the young people aged above sixteen years in the US are overweight. The Federal Nutrition Act was passed in 2010 in the US; the aim of the law was to reduce the amount of junk foods th...

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