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to compensate for shortages in the cash register. The critical issue in the case is whether Dunkin' Donuts Franchisee should reimburse the workers' wages and overtime pay. A probe conducted by the U.S labor Department found violations of the Fair Labour Standards Act by the department's press release. Report by Manasquan-Belmar Patch hold that the management of QSR will have to compensate an amount of almost $ 200 000 to 64 workers for minimum wage and overtime violations. Overtime Violations Although Dunkin' Donuts employees executed management duties they did not get an assured weekly salary warranting them to overtime pay. The Patch reports that they instead they received fewer wages when they worked fewer than 60 hours a week Tip Violations The management is said to have used tips to cover up for shortages in cash register which is unlawful. The management was called up to update its employee handbook so that rules on overtime are stipulated so that it can no longer take tips from ...

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Dunkin’ Donuts Case In 2016, workers at many Dunkin’ Donuts franchise locations in Chicago, Illinois filled lawsuits against Dunkin' Donuts. The workers at these locations claimed that the franchisees were stealing their wages since the locations were faking timecards, so they didn’t need to pay ov...

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