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A reaction paper is a very popular assignment students are asked to write in all kinds of institutions, beginning from high school and finishing with the university or academy. This paper is a reaction, obviously, or a response to any kind of fact, whether it is a book, a movie, a short story, poem, song, play, article or event. Therefore, if your professor asked you to write a reaction paper, he wants to hear your point of view regarding certain topic. However, he also wants a clear and deep thought from you, based on what you have already learnt and your comprehension of what you're reacting to. In order to have a better understanding of what a reaction paper actually is, you need to see a good-written one.

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First of all, before reading the reaction paper example, make sure you understand the purpose of a reaction paper. The purpose consists of three important elements. They are: to demonstrate that you have read/watched/listened to the assigned matter; to demonstrate that you have a clear comprehension of the assigned matter; and, to demonstrate that you are able to think creatively and critically, and draw a conclusion appropriately.

In everything else, your goal is to express your thoughts and prove them with the help of the assigned material. Look at a piece of a reaction paper example below.

I have read the novel «Shantaram» by Gregory David Roberts and I must confess this is a piece of pure art. It made me think of what a real life is in contrast to a miserable slumbering. The way the main character Linbaba lived his life deserves the highest level of respect and adoration. All his actions, starting with the prison-breaking and finishing with his manners, are full of spiritual generosity and absolute honesty with himself. I think that this novel shows the reader how to look on life and proves that fear doesn't mean anything since a man can do everything…

As you see, this reaction paper example shows approval and marvelling. However, a reaction paper is not always something good that you must think about certain material. You decide, whether you like it or not. You can feel totally free in expressing you true opinion. Having said that, we suggest you looking at the next piece of a reaction paper example.

When I began reading «The evidence» I thought it needed some time before getting interesting or at least a little instructive. But when I finished my reading, I realized that it was the most meaningless piece of literature ever written. Robert is an unreal character and all his actions were coming out of thin air…

In the latter reaction paper example you can see obvious criticizing in regard to certain composition. Therefore, it is up to you what side to take.

Now that you read both possible versions of what opinion can be provided in a reaction paper example, it is time for you to get acquainted with some basic requirements and guidelines concerning writing this kind of paper. Look below at what steps you should take to write a good reaction paper.

  • Since you already have an idea of reaction paper's purpose, you need to figure out what exactly your professor wants from you. On the one hand, he may want you to compare different texts (films, songs, plays, etc.). In this case, you will need to use a lot of quotations. On the other hand, you may be asked to react to the material in accordance with something that you currently study in the class. In this case, you will need to refer to your textbook and to write your paper in light of specified issues, like psychological context, etc. At the same time, if you are asked to demonstrate your personal reaction, then you should focus only on forming your own opinion, like it is done in the above-mentioned reaction paper example.
  • Now, you should read (listen/watch) the assigned material. Be very careful, pay attention to every detail and analyze every element of the material. Make notes in order not to forget ideas coming to you during the process.
  • After this is done, you need to write down your thoughts and first impression. This will be sort of a draft.
  • Read the draft carefully and give it some time. Maybe an hour or even a day. When you come back to your writing, think thoroughly: has anything changed in your mind in regard to the material? Or maybe you still have the same opinion in this respect? Figure it out and proceed to writing.
  • When you think the paper is ready, it is truly not. Again, you have to give it at least a half an hour in order to overthink and make sure you did it right. Then, it's time for proofreading and checking grammar.

Finally, when all the above-mentioned steps are made, you can totally consider your reaction paper to be written. However, you can never know whether it is written successfully. For this reason, we would like to offer you something that could guarantee your professor's approval and a high mark, accordingly. We offer you our assistance. If you ask for our help, you can be absolutely sure that your paper is going to be just perfect.

Apart from the reaction paper example, there is something more that our team of professional and cheap term paper writers can help you with.

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