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Whenever you are writing a psychology research proposal, your mind will race through the Apa paper method. This is not wrong because almost every psychology research paper should be written with the Apa method. However, apart from the paper itself, the proposal is meant to showcase the ways you wish to conduct the research in the field, the purpose of the research and what you intend to achieve before writing the paper. However, the psychology research proposal on its own is a paper, so you must write it with the best format. Two main things are involved in a proposal for any psychology topic. They include the paper writing format or outline and the content of the paper. This is the same thing in a marketing paper or any other academic paper offered in the colleges. So, in each paper, your lecturer or supervisor must grade your submission according to the content of the paper and the format and outline used in writing it. They are mutually inclusive in the sense that you have not succeeded with your market research proposal when you get the format and outline right and the content wrongly. You also have not succeeded when you put up a very great content in a shabby and unorganized format. These two are the things you must consider when you want to present the psychology research proposal. All our proposals fulfill all these to give you the best grades.

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The psychology proposal has a specific format just like every other paper. However, since this is an introduction to a paper and not an elaborate paper, the format is not as streamlined as the formats used when writing a cover letter. The only thing is that every psychology paper proposal must come with a title, an abstract, an introduction, a background page, and curriculum vitae if you are writing for a donor agency. Others are the appendix, human and animal subjects for experimentation and the general suggestions. A look at this format will show that it is different from our reaction paper format. The difference does not end here. The format for the writing of psychology proposal may not be followed religiously unlike the format for the writing of the main paper. The type and requirement of the proposal dictate the format. If you are writing as a classroom work, you may have a different format as against when you are writing for a donor agency. However, the similarity must lie in the content because the content of each section must be the same in each format.

Psychology research proposal content. The title is the first section of the psychology research proposal and it must be clear and short. Accuracy must be the order of the title and it must be in a single sentence. When writing the title, you must avoid the use of technical jargons and acronyms. It is better for the title to consist of few words, at least not more than 10. The reason you must avoid acronyms is that people who will review your proposal may not be from your technical specialty and therefore, may have some difficulties understanding your title. This will create a bias in their mind if that is the case. You should also pass this message across to the people who write papers for money if you hire them to do the proposal for you. You may use subtitles to give more explanations to the title, but ensure that the title is short, precise and accurate enough. The research proposal title must be followed by the abstract, and this is meant to abstract the project to the audience. This is mostly streamlined. It must be within 100 to 200 words, and must explain the objectives, significance and scope of the project. It should also explain the methods of research and the technical expertise of the researchers. This is capped with the expected result.

  • When you get to the background section, you should make a comprehensive review of the problem.
  • Take the readers back to the origin of the problem, the research efforts that has been made in this topic before and the results that came out from them.
  • You must ensure that the literature sources used are cited. This must be up to date and the literature must be critically appraised.

We do masterful literature appraisal when we write the background of your psychology research proposal for you. It is in this section that your reader should be taught how your own study fits into the entire project. This section addresses the flaws in the previous works and states how you intend to build on the previous works to proffer solution to these flaws. Another section is the preliminary studies section, and this comes in if your new proposal is a continuation of a previous work. This section states what the previous work achieved and how this new one relates to it. This leads to the research methodology where you outline the chosen methods. Here, you should outline your team, the timeline for the work, the particular experiments you will conduct, expected difficulties and alternative plans. It should explain how the labor is divided if more than two people are involved. The budget section follows this and it explains your budget, including direct and indirect costs. You must have observed that a proposal is different and much more complicated than personal statements. We can also offer good personal statement examples to our clients.

However, the proposal does not end here. It also involves some other sections. The budget section should be followed by the curriculum vitae section, which deals with a proper resume of the principal investigator. This is followed by the appendix, detailing the secondary information used in the process of the project. There is also the human and animal subject that talks about the people and animals used for experiments. After this comes the general suggestions section and it details other successful proposals.

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