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By a Master of Fine Arts one should understand a graduate degree, which usually takes from one to three years of postgraduate study after the Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate degree. However, the term of MFA may vary in different countries and universities. Student pursue an MFA because of many reasons. It gives a concentrated period of time for writing, the opportunity of getting a feedback on a specific work-in-progress, guides on issues of craft and technique regarding creative writing. A lot of students who write find that studying a concentrated period of time in an educational setting gives them possibility to write and learn simultaneously. Anyway, this is a perfect option for those who want their future to be connected with writing as the lifework.

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Master of Fine Arts in creative writing is devoted to teaching students how to write in different genres and work with literature from the viewpoint of working writers. After graduation, students not only become real published writers in the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenplays, etc., but also they may become journalists of various genres, editors, publishers, teachers and professors on different academic levels. There are more than three hundred writing programs in North America only, so it may be rather difficult to choose the best for you which meets all your requests. However, the majority of MFA writing programs have common basic characteristics, like focusing at least on fiction and poetry. The main difference between one and another program is different period of time for study (from one to three years) and some specificities in the variety of coursework they offer. For example, while some MFA writing program offers course work in areas of screenwriting and graphic novel writing, others offer studies of hypertext, new media, etc. Often students apply for those programs, where professors are famous writers who they know and admire.

As a rule, the main element in the MFA writing program course is writing workshops. Usually the structure and content of the workshops depend on the field of focusing, although the emphasis is put on the acts of creating such as revision and self-editing. Students are taught by writers-professors, who help them focus on their own manuscripts and provide assistance not on the workshop only, but also on individual conferences.

  • Fiction writing. These classes are meant to read and discuss the fiction written by the students, such as short stories or parts from novels they are still writing. Students are taught how to keep balance between inspiration and revision, get acquainted with the methodology of characterization strengthening, basic elements in storytelling, building the writer's style, as well as explore essential techniques and narrative writing.
  • Poetry writing classes. Here, students are taught to follow skills and strategies in contemporary and classical writing, discover new directions in writing, new possible techniques in the light of poet's personal voice, voice at the matter of the subject. In poetry writing classes the emphasis is usually put on the revision.
  • Nonfiction writing classes. Students read and discuss their own nonfiction in different forms, such as essays of all kinds, reportage, biography, personal reminiscences, articles, etc. They learn to develop the sense of a structure, their personal style and voice, essential techniques of characterization, etc. Additionally, students are taught to deal with interviewing and different kinds of research (including but not limited to documentary research).
  • Writing for children and young adults classes. As it is in the all previous-mentioned classes, these classes devoted to analyzing students' works, including picture books. The attention is paid to all genres in this field, such as fiction, nonfiction, both for children and teenagers. They learn to develop their techniques, personal voice and style, capability to express ideas in way appropriate for reading by children and young adults in order to make success in this field of writing.

In addition, one of the main purposes of the MFA creative writing program is to stimulate students and provide them with such creative environment that could provoke young talented writers to develop their skills and, of course, believe in their talents and success. No matter whether the program takes one or three years, it is meant to prepare young writers to real circumstances and challenges they will face on their way of writing and publishing, which is not going to be easy at all.

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