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Medical case study overview

There are many reasons why case studies are written in the academic and medical world. The medical case study can be explained as a very in-depth and detailed study of an individual. You have to do the research and investigation before you can engage in the paper writing service. The number on type of case study is the prospective case study, and here; you will follow the individual over time and observe the outcome of the individual’s medical life and conditions. The next is the retrospective case study, which involves having a detailed look at the history of the individual so as to determine the risk factors that influenced the outcome of the topic of interest. It is only when you have made your observation or information collection that you can now sit down to write the case study report. When you set out to write a case study in the medical world, you have to start with a very detailed and critical literature review. This should be followed by a description of the particular case and its uniqueness when compared to the existing literature on clinical outcomes, and the implications it has for the clinical practice. Before you move on with the medical case study, you have to actually realize that one of the most important aspects of your work is the proof of an informed consent of the patients being investigated. Some journals have special forms to be filled by the patient as an attestation to this, and we can help you with information on how to get the patient’s consent. Our services also include offering research summary template to you when you start your case study research so that you will have a guide that will make things easier for you.

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As an important rule of thumb, each medical case study must be written to the size of about 1000 words average, and this means it can be of 700 to 1500 words. This does not include the abstract, the illustrations, and the references. The length of the abstract on its own should be around 150 words while the entire task must have about 3 tables and figures. When it comes to the bulleted points it should be between 3 and 6 and each must not have more than 300 words. Finally, every medical case study must have at least 15 references or more, and these must be written properly, using the approved paper referencing style by the institution or journal. Our services include instructions on the best ways to reference your work according to different styles, and we also offer argumentative essay topics for middle school.

Medical case study structure

Every case study in the medical field is to come with a very uniform and acceptable outline just like every other essay. When we write essays for you, whether it is an ecommerce business plan or a term paper, they all come with organized structures. The medical case report is not quarantined from this either. Due to this, the order of sections includes a title page, an abstract, the introduction and patient’s information, the interventions and their outcomes, the discussion section, learning points in bullets, the references and the illustrations. The title page of any medical case study must have the title of the article boldly written on the center. This must include very concise information about the case study and it must not be more than 100 words. It must also include the names of the author in full. The institutions of the authors should also be given in the order of the appearance of the author’s name, while the contact information of the corresponding author or authors must be given in full in the title page. It is good to note that when there are many authors for a case study, one or two are chosen as corresponding authors, and they will be the ones to receive every feedback about the work. They must indicate whether their emails and full addresses should be published on the medical case study. The title page should also have the key phrases that will aid the search for the work. They are the phrases that will be indexed by search engines and they will be used to rank the work too. Your key phrases must focus on the disease or condition being discussed and on the patient’s history. This page should also contain any disclaimers, word count information about tables and figures, the sources and any conflict of interest. For you to understand what we are saying here, you can demand a medical case study sample from us. We will offer this in good faith if you ask. You can also demand the best undergraduate research proposal sample from us. Remember, if you are the person choosing the patient and topic for your case study, you have to give a research proposal which must be approved before you start writing. We can help you with this proposal.


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This is followed by an abstract which is one of the most important parts of the case study. It will be indexed in many databases, so you have to be careful when writing it. Because this is the place many people read, it has to be a reflection of what is inside, so that it can entice readers to read the entire text. The context, background, procedures, purpose, findings, and conclusions must get at least on sentence in the abstract.

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