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Integer sequence primes

Just as many interesting integer sequences can be defined and their properties studied, it is often of interest to additionally determine which of their elements are prime. The following table summarizes the indices of the largest known prime (or probable prime) members of a number of named sequences.sequenceOEISdigitsdiscoverersearch limitcommentsalternating factorialA00127259961260448M. Rodenkirch (Sep. 18, 2017)100000 (M. Rodenkirch, Dec. 15, 2017)finite sequence; largest certified prime has index 661; the rest are probable primesApéry-constant primeA119334141141E. W. Weisstein (May 14, 2006)9089 (E. W. Weisstein, Mar. 22, 2008)status unknownApéry number A092825662410136E. W. Weisstein (Mar. 2004) (E. W. Weisstein, Mar. 2004)probable primeApéry number 87E. W. Weisstein..

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