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Apollonian Network

Connecting the centers of touching spheres in a three-dimensional Apollonian gasket by edges given a graph known as the Apollonian network. This process is illustrated above for the case of the planar Apollonian gasket. This network turns out to have some very special properties. In addition to being either deterministic or random, they are simultaneously scale-free, display small-world effects, can be embedded in an Euclidean lattice, and show space filling as well as matching graph properties. These networks describe force chains in granular packings, fragmented porous media, hierarchical road systems, and area-covering electrical supply networks (Andrade et al. 2005). Apollonian networks share many features of neuronal systems, and have been used to study the brain (Pellegrini et al. 2007).The first few two-dimensional Apollonian networks are illustrated above. The order-twonetwork has the connectivity of the Fano plane.Apollonian..

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