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Torus grid graph

The torus grid graph is the graph formed from the graph Cartesian product of the cycle graphs and . is isomorphic to . can be formed starting with an grid graph and connecting corresponding left/right and top/bottom vertex pairs with edges. While such an embedding has overlapping edges in the plane, it can naturally be placed on the surface of a torus with no edge intersections or overlaps. Torus grid graphs are therefore toroidal graphs. The isomorphic torus grid graphs and are illustrated above.The torus grid graphs are quartic and Hamiltonianand have vertex count(1)Torus grid graphs are circulant graphs iff and are relatively prime, i.e., . In such cases, is isomorphic to . Special cases are summarized in the following table and illustrated above in attractive (but non-toroidal) embddings.graphcirculant graph generalized quadrangle quartic vertex-transitive graph Qt65tesseract graph Harary et al. (1973) conjectured that(2)for all..

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