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Tadpole graph

The -tadpole graph, also called a dragon graph (Truszczyński 1984) or kite graph (Kim and Park 2006), is the graph obtained by joining a cycle graph to a path graph with a bridge.The -tadpole graph is sometimes known as the -pan graph. The particular cases of the - and -tadpole graphs are also known as the paw graph and banner graph, respectively (ISGCI).Precomputed properties of tadpole graphs are available in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["Tadpole", m, n].Koh et al. (1980) showed that -tadpole graphs are graceful for , 1, or 3 (mod 4) and conjectured that all tadpole graphs are graceful (Gallian 2018). Guo (1994) apparently completed the proof by filling in the missing case in the process of showing that tadpoles are graceful when or 2 (mod 4) (Gallian 2018).

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