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Sunlet Graph

The -sunlet graph is the graph on vertices obtained by attaching pendant edges to a cycle graph (ISGCI), i.e., the coronas (Frucht 1979). Sunlet graphs have also been called crown graphs (e.g., Gallian 2018), a terminology that conflicts with the use of the term "crown graph" in this work to refer to a rook complement graph .Sunlet graphs are trivially unit-distance graphs, as well as matchstick graphs. They are also graceful (Frucht 1979).Note that Wallis (2000) and Anitha and Lekshmi (2008) use the term "-sun" graph to refer to sunlet graphs, whereas ISGCI and other authors reserve that term for a different type of graph.The 3-sunlet graph is also known as the net graph.If the restriction in the I graph is loosened, the -sunlet graph corresponds to .

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