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Dodecahedral Graph

The dodecahedral graph is the Platonic graph corresponding to the connectivity of the vertices of a dodecahedron, illustrated above in four embeddings. The left embedding shows a stereographic projection of the dodecahedron, the second an orthographic projection, the third is from Read and Wilson (1998, p. 162), and the fourth is derived from LCF notation.It is the cubic symmetric denoted and is isomorphic to the generalized Petersen graph . It can be described in LCF notation as [10, 7, 4, , , 10, , 7, , .It is distance-regular with intersection array and is also distance-transitive.It is also a unit-distance graph (Gerbracht2008), as shown above in a unit-distance drawing.Finding a Hamiltonian cycle on this graph is known as the icosian game. The dodecahedral graph is not Hamilton-connected and is the only known example of a vertex-transitive Hamiltonian graph (other than cycle graphs ) that is not H-*-connected (Stan Wagon, pers...

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