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Tetrahedral graph

"The" tetrahedral graph is the Platonic graph that is the unique polyhedral graph on four nodes which is also the complete graph and therefore also the wheel graph . It is implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["TetrahedralGraph"].The tetrahedral graph has a single minimal integral drawing, illustrated above (Harborth and Möller 1994), with maximum edge length 4.The minimal planar integral drawing of the tetrahedral graph, illustrated above, has maximum edge length of 17 (Harborth et al. 1987). The tetrahedral graph is also graceful (Gardner 1983, pp. 158 and 163-164).The tetrahedral graph has 4 nodes, 6 edges, vertex connectivity 4, edge connectivity 3, graph diameter 1, graph radius 1, and girth 3. It has chromatic polynomial(1)(2)and chromatic number 4. It is planarand cubic symmetric.The tetrahedral graph is an integral graph with graph spectrum . Its automorphism group has order .The..

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