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Zeno's Paradoxes

Zeno's paradoxes are a set of four paradoxes dealingwith counterintuitive aspects of continuous space and time. 1. Dichotomy paradox: Before an object can travel a given distance , it must travel a distance . In order to travel , it must travel , etc. Since this sequence goes on forever, it therefore appears that the distance cannot be traveled. The resolution of the paradox awaited calculus and the proof that infinite geometric series such as can converge, so that the infinite number of "half-steps" needed is balanced by the increasingly short amount of time needed to traverse the distances. 2. Achilles and the tortoise paradox: A fleet-of-foot Achilles is unable to catch a plodding tortoise which has been given a head start, since during the time it takes Achilles to catch up to a given position, the tortoise has moved forward some distance. But this is obviously fallacious since Achilles will clearly pass the tortoise! The resolution..

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