Thesis on Religion examples

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Classical discourse of two classical Islamic scholars/ creedal/juridical
For this paper, bring two classical Islamic Scholars into disalogue (Abu Ubayd, al-Nawawi), with the goal of Identifying and analyzing interesting and significant convergences or divergences between the scholars. Focus on method/ and or conclusions, formulating a thesis argument on the basis of the divergence(s) and or convergence(s) that you identify...
God's Miracles
Thesis Reflection-A thesis-based reflection will be turned in with the purpose of demon strating critical and context equalized reflection onthe biblical narrativeas they speak to us today. The first part of this assignment is an outline of the Thesis paperwhich is due in week 8(5%). The second and final part of this assignmentis a five-paragraph thesis essay..
Women In Ministry
Could you go into the two events you talk about there in more detail. Say more about what happened in the day. Most important: say how you know that the day was worth doing, that you accomplished what you hoped to accomplish... And then, what lessons did you learn that you hope to apply on April 17th. I would say a minimum of 10 more pages would do it. But don't give me any..
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