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The V.A. and Regulation of the Veterans’ Benefits System
add 12 pages to the 8 I have provided. APA format. Tentative topic outline provided can be changed as needed. must have 18 sources, sources must be scholarly peer reviewed information. Sources listed on reference page and in text citation is required.
Turkey - The Rise and Fall of The Ottoman Empire and the Ataturk Era - A geopolitical perspectiva
The essay should look at things from a purely geopolitical perspective! This means focusing on reforms, ways of assuring the extension/influence of the country over time, the goals and ambitions of the ottoman empire - the fall and what caused it. Then the Ataturk era and all his reforms meant to transform Turkey into a regional, modern power. *Must contain footnotes..
NAFTA: Significance, US National Security and Possible Suggestions
-23-25 pages in 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced -Literature Review: of 8 academic sources -Introduction: NAFTA's Significance and Background Hitory -Research Question -Study Case1:to show PROS and Study Case 2:to show CONSv with DATA -Possible suggestions to fix its CONS -Conclusion -APA style citation..
Persuasive argument over Jeff Daniels - America is NOT the greatest country anymore
In the assignment prepare a bullet point outline. Word count 100 (intro), 100 (conclusion), 3-8 words per bullet point. Reflecting on the video of Jeff Daniels' character in the video as to why "America is not the greatest country in the world."(please YouTube it, to watch the short clip) anymore. The character makes two arguments: 1. We are not the greatest country..
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