Thesis on History examples

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Was Woodrow Wilson Responsible for the Failure of the United States to Join the League of Nations?
1. Was Woodrow Wilson Responsible for the Failure of the United States to Join the League of Nations? 2. Write a Thesis paragraph response for each issue that follows the social science writing methodology for the course located in your syllabus. Thesis paragraphs must contain: Context, Complexity, Well-Reasoned BECAUSE thesis statement (Opinion-B/C-Rational),..
Part 1: The first part of this assignment requires that you review the article you selected and indicate its main thesis or argument. In reviewing an article or chapter you are expected to explain the article in a manner that would provide someone who is unfamiliar with the article a sense of what it is about and what they could expect if they were to read the article...
How the archetypes are adapted to the values of modern culture in the movie Disney movie Hercules
Describe and analyze how myth and reason, as discussed in class and course readings, affect an historical event, movement, or person of your choosing. You may focus on any historical period or region. Be creative in your choice of topics. Your paper should run 8-10 pages double spaced.
Impacts of History of Slavery on Contemporary Society
ProfessorA you already did the proposal. wanted to see if you would be interested in completing the draft and final. Proposal - Week 2 (50 points) Create a proposal of 2 pages that references one academic scholarly source for the research project you intend to complete. This project should engage at least one academic source, should include an introduction and..
Image of the President
Image of the US presidents in light of their affairs and how it contradicts the idea of a rolemodel. Influence of the the media. Must use MLA format. Must use Jstor Ebsco sources for citation. (min 15)
Speaking of Human Rights
Speaking of Human Rights Write a five-paragraph argumentative essay that compares and contrasts two speeches by Elie Wiesel and Susan B. Anthony. First, read through the resources “Thesis Statements,” “Body Paragraphs” and “Conclusions” to learn how to construct your essay. Then, read or watch both speeches several times.You may want to take notes on the..
Pro Slavery and Anti Slavery
Using the primary texts supplied, choose two pro-slavery and two anti-slavery documents and write a 750-word essay that examines how the proponents and opponents of slavery used similar concepts in their arguments. You should identify the authors’ main point, and examine how they defended their positions. Your paper should conclude by explaining why some..
Document Analysis
This assignment is due July 25, 2019 by 11:59pm. Please do not ask for exceptions as they will not be given. The only sources you are able to use are the textbook and one of the readings for this assignment (cite the reading as you would a website - use the guide I provided), if you use any other source including the internet you will receive zero for this assignment...
Question Selection and Thesis Statement
Choose one of the following prompts and submit both the question you plan to answer and your thesis. Your thesis should be specific and explicit and when you write your essay, it should be placed in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Specific means avoid generalities, focus on articulating exactly your answer in the thesis, giving the exact how. 1. What..
Adolf Hitler rise of power
Adolf Hitler’s Rise to power can be attributed to Germany’s defeat in World War I, the Great Depression, III. And his charismatic oratory skills
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