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Impact of the derivatives’ use “Credit default swaps” as a hedging instrument, in Nigerian Banking Industry
I want to develop a model for analysis for the type of data i will be attaching below. I want a well detailed methodology particularly with MODEL SPECIFICATION that will be easily understood by the statistician with the above topic and also with the following Objective and Hypothesis. OBJECTIVE : • To identify the before-and-after effect of CDS on Performing..
Financial analysis of fast growing plantation development: A case study of Eucalyptus plantation in Laos
Content Abstract List of Table List of Figures Chapter 1: Introduction and overview 1.1 introduction 1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.3 Significance of Study 1.4 Objectives of the study 1.5 Description of study area 1.5.1 Geographical location 1.5.2 Climate 1.5.3 Geology Chapter 2: Basic Theory and Literature Review 2.1 Basic theory 2.1.1 Cost Analysis and..
Portfolio Optimization of a Global portfolio adding Emerging markets
Is in the field of finance more specific in the area of Portfolio Management, the idea is to do a dynamic portfolio optimization, using information from 20 years, 14 countries indexes , we seek to demonstrate that a global Portfolio Index improves if we add emerging markets (indexes of 7 countries), our portfolio improves both performance and risk diversification,..
I am attaching the approved proposal + Syllabus with the instructions for the thesis. I am looking for strict and detailed person to fill the paper with quality work, which will be examined from my coach, and send back for corrections. The topic should be examined in concrete in details, not to be spread over a broad range of topics. MLA referencing is VERY IMPORTANT!..
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