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Should employers be able to fire workers based on what they post on social media? Why or why not?
W4 Essay Prompt For this essay, review the Writing and Formatting Your Essay document and the Basic Rubric. Also, please review my notes/comments in previous essays before submitting this assignment. Doing so will help you avoid repeating past mistakes. 1. Read a few credible online articles on the assigned prompt: Should employers be able to fire workers..
Should Texas raise the minimum wage to $15.00 a hour
Overview: The W1, W2, and W3 assignments are on the same topic: Should Texas raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour? W1 -- Three sentences: one thesis sentence and two topic or reason sentences. You will not include any quotations in these three statements. W2 -- Two body paragraphs: each body paragraph will begin with one of the topic sentences you identified in..
Informative Outline and Thesis Statement abortion
When you write an informative essay that presents two sides of an issue without revealing bias, there are three primary organizational tactics that can be used: Present all the major arguments on one side of the issue, and then present all the major arguments of the opposing viewpoint. Present one of the major issues relating to the overarching topic, and in the..
Assignment 3.3: Term Project, Part 3: The Thesis Statement
Description: This part of the term project allows student to generate a thesis statement for their research paper. You will write a 1-page paper (12-point font) listing the thesis statement and the method used to derive the thesis statement. Objectives: Write a thesis statement. Instructions: Step 1: Gather notes and source materials. Collect any notes and..
Course Project—First Draft of Complete Essay, Including Conclusion
This module, you will submit the entire first draft of your essay. To do this, you will revise the pieces of your essay that you turned in for previous modules and add your conclusion. In Module 2, you created your thesis statement and developed an introductory paragraph. In Module 3, you developed the main body of your essay. In this assignment, you will add a conclusion..
Love and Violence in the Book"The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao"
The book is " The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz. Must talk about the violence and love in the book, don't use the resource from other website, every resource must from the book, and indicate the page as (page #)
Thesis (topics to consider: Gun Violence, Healthcare, Homelessness & Poverty
Exploring a Portfolio Topic; Developing a Working Thesis (90 Points) In Module 1, you were asked to review the assignment instruction for the Module 8 Portfolio Project. The Portfolio assignment requires that you select a national or global social issue for which to explore causes and possible solutions. As an academic writer, it is vital to form a working thesis..
Write an introductory paragraph that ends with the following thesis statement:
Write an introductory paragraph that ends with the following thesis statement: Even though it makes you happy, romantic love is an extreme feeling because it can confuse someone and it can make or break someone.
Thesis statement by analyzing one of the character (petrus) in Disgrace by Coetzee.
Assignment 1: Step 1: Thesis Statement for Literary Essay Read: "Your Thesis Statement" in the Module One Resources folder. For more detailed information, read "Draft and Revise a Thesis Statement" on pages 14-19 in Rules for Writers, 8th edition. Directions: Choose one of the topics and approaches provided for you. Write a working thesis statement for the..
TEST FOR MERITS COMPETITION DESIGN; ENGLISH TEACHING PROFESSIONALS IN COLOMBIA: Design a Test of knowledge (of English teaching and Colombian plans of programs) for teachers of English (in Colombia, South America) Multiple choice / 4 choices 42 questions NUMBER OF QUESTIONS FOR EACH TOPIC 1. (5 questions) Generalities about bilingualism /Generalidades..
Create Thesis Statements
Based on the topic below, create an umbrella and list thesis statement  Make sure to include the topic, point, and possibly reason(s) in each of the statements.  Topic: Being a successful college student
"Big Two-Hearted River"
Please read Attached File in FULL to grasp what is being asked of this Thesis -driven essay. Address the prompt below in a thesis-driven essay of at least four full pages (double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman). Be sure to support your argument with specific evidence drawn from the text. Avoid simply rehearsing remarks already covered in class and strive..
The essay will be on my thesis: Cancer is a disease that may be preventable and curable
please read instruction carefully. Using any or all of the 3 article databases in the APUS Online Library (Proquest, EBSCO, and/or the LexisNexis)" i
A Good Man Is Hard to Find
How does Flannery O'Connor build suspense through dialogue in "A Good Man is Hard to Find? Only Introduction and thesis needed. Copy of A good man is hard to find is online . Please be able to complete by 4:30 today
CARDIAC ARREST: An Expository Essay of a Problem and a Solution
Expository Essay Final Revise your 1000-1500-word expository essay about a topic of your choice in the style described within Units VI and VII. Purpose: Throughout Units VI and VII, we have discussed the conventions of the expository essay. The purpose of this assignment is to measure your mastery of those conventions by putting your knowledge to practice...
I only want a writer to correct these prompts, NOT an essay
I need to craft these writing prompts in a better way. I only need correction, correcting these prompts, not an essay based on these prompts. ------------- PROMPT #1a (Is it better in passive voice?) Write a text (i.e. 5 paragraph essay) where you discuss how the central idea of 'standing up for what you believe in' is illustrated in Bob Marley's song "Get up, stand..
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