Thesis on Education examples

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How to make passive income and to get freedom through your digital business, As a Case Study
Title: How to make passive income and to get freedom through your digital business-Case study Approximately 30-50page for chapters. The word probably 5,999-9999 (not sure it depends on you. But not more than 13,000) File attached Write what you can do some summary or idea and price please.
Paraphrasing a section in a Thesis (Semi-Structured Interview)
To paraphrase a section of semi structured interview in a thesis. To paraphrase means to restructure the use of the sentences in the paragraph, not changing the words to its synonyms. If possible to restructure the sentences without changing the content. If possible, to have the draft within 12 hours..
Evaluating the role of engineers volunteering in the Australia’s community sector
Background: EWB Australia's local program has been driven from a grass-roots level with results in nuggets of gold across a variety of programs. It also relied heavily on the skills and discernment of our volunteers and who receive limited support due to the vast array of projects and programs that are run. EWB Australia is in the process ofreviewing these programs..
Why Test Prep is Important for American Top School Admission
I need a 25-30 pages thesis, I have written a few pages but my professor wants at least 25 pages with a lot of graphs, chart, interviews and cites all sources. I run Test Prep center in China & Hong Kong. Most of my students have rigors SAT/ACT results and go to very top American colleges! That's why I pick this topic! Can you help to do a thesis with this topic?..
How Affordances of AR affect AR-based Learning in Science Education
I need to complete my thesis. The topic is how augmented reality can enhance science education. I have rough draft. Basically, I copied and pasted other literature review. Based on this, I need to revise and build up the thesis. Most of my problem is grammar, wording, transition, and logic flow of the paper. Red text is comments from my professor which I need to fix...
use narrative literature review and thematic analysis
use narrative literature review and thematic analysis, as a method for my research about the impact of social and cultural factors on stutterers' academic and professional life. (just write critically about using this method)
Literature review
i have Literature review and got feedback. I need incorporate the feedback, add some sources, use APA, and expand it in some places
Learning Disability Paper
Thesis Paper (40%; Outcomes 2-3) – Half of the course will be devoted to drafting and completing a thesis paper that explores an important and controversial topic relevant to the student’s chosen field of study. Students will be encouraged to make a claim about a topic related or within their field, explore it using databases, available statistics, news articles,..
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