Thesis Proposal on Economics examples

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Breaking the cycle of draughts in the Horn of Africa "Somalia "
Thank you very much for giving me this chance to present my thesis. I need to prepare a thesis with concrete objectives, aiming to establish a self-reliance to all nomads by facilitating them basic needs of their life. In my thesis I am to attract donors and UNDP, INGOs and Business entities to help my project and through my thesis proposals to create 10,000 borehole..
IP law in the American and European pharmaceutical industries
1) Advantages of using patents protection in the US/Europe 2) Main challenges and limitations in the US/Europe law 3) Case Study of the famous American/European based company using patent protection and facing any kind of infringement of patents Please, split the work in 2 parts. First analyze the US and then Europe (you can focus on Scandinavian countries..
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