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Analysis of Special Education Teacher Job Satisfaction in West Tennessee Public Schools
Thesis Proposal , APA style, double spaced, total pages 82-90 pages. Writing Assignment due on Sunday May 26, 2019. 1. Statement of Problem 2. Purpose of the Study * please see the attached file for further clarification. A sub part of the thesis will be do every Sunday at 11:59 pm.
assessment of knowledge and attitude about menopausal women with prolapse about pessary
1- The references of article up date at least 5 years. 2- copy of articles that used in proposal . 3- The proposal include: A)definition of prolapse. B) risk factors. C)sign and symptoms . D)degrees of prolapse. F)treatment of prolapse. G) pessary treatment. I) recent study show knowledge and attitude about menopausal women with prolapse. 4) need 5 pages ...
the effectiveness of educational programs on knowledge and the perception among femal nurse
APA format, the effectiveness of educational programs on knowledge and the perception among femal nurses toward the risk factor of osteoporosis at jordan hospital just proposal for now , i have more references and all the guideline
The Invisibility of African American women during the Second Wave of Feminism (1960-1990)
This is your formal presentation of your specific topic and thesis argument, along with a comprehensive list of primary and secondary sources. Each student submits a proposal before officially beginning work on the thesis. Its purpose is to demonstrate to the thesis advisor and content specialist that the project is worth doing and manageable; that the research..
Breaking the cycle of draughts in the Horn of Africa "Somalia "
Thank you very much for giving me this chance to present my thesis. I need to prepare a thesis with concrete objectives, aiming to establish a self-reliance to all nomads by facilitating them basic needs of their life. In my thesis I am to attract donors and UNDP, INGOs and Business entities to help my project and through my thesis proposals to create 10,000 borehole..
Global Strategic Management/Strategy and strategic development of M & A : A case of DNV GL global company
The focus of the thesis has to be in the area of “Strategic Management” including aspects of globalization. The thesis shall be empirical work (based on theoretical foundations). Selected subject of the master thesis: Global Strategic Management. Thesis proposal paper shall answer these areas: -PROBLEM STATEMENT : Concretization of the theme, description..
does the united state need more immigration reform?
Does the United States need more immigration reform?  In recent years, President Obama and Congressional leaders have proposed various new pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the country; many of these measure, including the DREAM Act, have failed or stalled in Congress.  President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals..
self - medication practice in community pharmacies in dammam
I have attached the research plan and wish write according to general framework of research plan with following note * the point number three i want (previous studies review literature ) i want for last ten years only in the point number seven (cited references ) i want by Vancouver style * i want this peaper withhin 24 hrs i hope evrey thing is clear ?..
This is only chapter 1. Edit, proofread, and make sure it is 100% in APA format. This is only chapter 1 of my proposal. I need it ASAP.Edit, proofread, make sure it is 100% in APA format. This is only chapter 1. I need it asap. I need it done within the next 6 hours. Please no computer responses. Read directions I am working on Chapter 2. So, if the work on this is high quality..
Policy Space for Domestic Public Health Measures Under TRIPs: Challenges for the LDCs
Policy Space for Domestic Public Health Measures Under TRIPs: Challenges for the LDCs (Bangladesh Perspective) It will be a critical literature review based on some research questions that I am going to add later. Two Main sections with a couple of sub-sections. Methodology (not required)
Master Thesis Proposal in the area of BEHAVIORAL FINANCE to write a good Master Thesis later on
!!!!!!!! Please only apply if you have B.Sc or M.Sc (Ph.D) in the field of Finance or Mathematics or Computer Science with the knowledge of (Behavioral) Finance, Statistics & Regression Analysis, Mathematical Models in Economics !!!!!!!! Assignment: 1. Choice of the topic (something that has sufficient sources online and not very difficult to research)..
inadequate family involvement in hospice and palliative wound care
The instructions and rubric are attached. Please READ them carefully before attempting to begin. The rubric is detailed, each step carries points. 1. Attached is draft 1 (introduction and literature of review). draft 2 ( interventions and implementations). 2. the second part of the paper is to compose an electronic poster of the final paper. A sample template..
evaluate and study of e-commerce for the middle east
I am asking to write a PhD proposal for an idea i have about : Study and evaluate and improve the online shopping in the midle east countries from china using a real e-commerce chinies website database that already served thousands of customers in the midle east since 2013 We can write about ecommerce weekness and payments issue in the midle east and how to improve..
How did early Christianity (to 800 AD) affect women's lives
Here are the instructions: One page includes your essay Topic ( The topic presented are deliberately over-general so specialization is on your part) Do not be broad. Working title Possible thesis statement or areas to explore ( Your thesis statement should be couched in the form of an interpretation or argument) Preliminary bibliography (Include a minimum..
New Adult Addictions Center (Need complete in 6 hours)
You have been hired to manage a particular aspect of the new adult addictions center. It is your job to write a proposal to bring to the next board meeting so that funds can be allocated to initiate your plans. This is the brainstorming stage of the planning. Your proposal will need to be scrutinized by the board before it approves it. It is important to be as specific..
The Integrative Literature Review:Thesis Statement 2
Thesis Statement for the Integrative Literature Review This week you will make a thesis statement for your Week 6 Final Assignment. Basically, a thesis statement deals with your perspectives on the literature you have outlined in the literature assignment of week three (last week) which you will be using for your Final Assignment week 6. Your references from..
Civil disobedience. Is breaking the law for a cuase justifiable?
A thesis statement is the controlling idea of a paper it expresses the idea that the body of the paper with two other names for the statement I mean idea controlling idea and pieces any thesis statement will make a debatable Claim about one or more works of literature usually thesis statement appear in the first paragraph of the paper. That is a paper thesis cannot..
funding clients with alcoholism ( NEED DONE IN 15 HOURS)
You are working in a community mental health center in a rural area that has a need for you to start an addictions group for clients with alcoholism. You meet with your boss and he asks you to bring your proposal to present at the next board meeting in order to get them on board to approve funding for this program. •How you would form the group? Include what you will do..
National environment center: improving the living conditons for local population of Burkina Faso
i am proposing to build an environment center where i will have: - Recycling center to deal with the solid waste management -educational center that would have a research and training facility and conference room to teach student on how to preserve the environment -residential center to commode the student that would want to live and people that are coming for..
Myths of the Salem Witch Trials and it's lasting affects.
Working Thesis Essay The Salem witch trials show how a mob mentality can rob individuals of their rational thought processes and can lead to gross injustices that would at the very least embarrass those who joined in the unfounded accusations of witchcraft. The story of the Salem witch trials continues to fascinate people because it has the potential to teach..
Essential Theory on the impact of women circumcision in the immigrant population in USA.
Your proposal should include at least the following TWO elements: --at least one or two sentences describing your choice of theory and area of practice --a SINGLE SENTENCE working thesis (this does not have to be the thesis sentence that you use in your final draft, but you need to develop an argument / focus that you can begin working with)..
This is the instruction of this proposal.And I will use the research in the file to finish the whole papers
PROPOSAL FORMAT: Your proposal should contain a thesis sentence that you intend to build your paper around. After the thesis sentence you should write two paragraphs: In the first, tell me briefly about the sources you have gathered (their type, their perspective). Sources should include primary sources, scores, scholarly criticism, books, monographs,..
Environmental impact of floating houses on climate change and lifestyle
the job is to write a Thesis proposal in English about ( Floating Houses ) from a mechanical engineering perspective -Environmental impact of floating houses on climate change and lifestyle -Comparison of materials regarding their use as floats -Energy storage methods and materials
Week 5 - Assignment #6 – Thesis Proposal (2nd Draft)
Using the information contained in the End of Program (EOP) Manual (2014), chapter 2, and feedback from your previous draft, compose a second draft of your thesis proposal. Submit including a title page and three references related to your proposed topic. Ensure that the references are from peer-reviewed journals, government sources, other appropriate..
Mental Health and attitudes towards seeking help among Caribbean cultures/communities
Please include the following: 1)Title page 2)Abstract 4)Introduction 5)Thesis statement 6)Approach/methods 7)Preliminary results and discussion 9)Implications of research 10)List of references Questions to address? -What does mental health look like in Caribbean cultures/communities? -How is mental health addressed in Caribbean cultures/communities?..
How PayPal’s strategic to become the one of the largest payment method compare to other payment method?
-Read the file attached, then chat me (NO HURRY). -Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 30 assignment done -High quality assignment content - (+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grade is given -references are in Harvard style..
research proposal of black ethnic minority youth and gang in London
What should your PhD proposal contain? It is best to structure your proposal as follows: A working title – Your title should give a clear indication of the intent of your project, directing attention explicitly to the central issue that you will address. Overview of the research – In this section you should provide a short overview of your research: the key issue(s)..
Master Thesis Proposal - Effects of dimension reduction in hyperspectral data classification
RESOURCES AVAILABLE. --- Problem domains: 1. Hughes phenomenon 2. Curse of dimensionality. ---- Techniqeus for dimension reduction: 1. Pca 2. Isomap 3. Projection pursuit ---- Dimension reduction importance for classification using svm(support vector machine)
using technology on students with intellectual disability engagement in history course
t's a research proposal using an action research method. please consider these: 1) I just uploaded a research structure that you have to follow and each section what you have to write about and how many words. 2) I just uploaded my writing style please follow my writing style> 3) please follow the file notes for research design 4) the study will be in Saudi Arabia..
THE GLASS CASTLE BY JENNETTE WALLS First, decide if you will use APA or MLA format for your research paper. Use your chosen format for this paper. Second, define why you chose the autobiography and what you have learned so far about the writer. Define the points that you would like to discuss in your research paper. Include an introduction and thesis statement or..
english language and literature/ English Speaking Countries culture
I need to write a thesis, but before I must choose a topic for it. I have no idea what to write about, however I would like to write something about literature or English speaking countries' culture. So first help choose a topic to write about.
summary of findings/outline of paper with thesis statement
Read following two books [Warriors Don't cry] by Melba Pattillo Beals [Devil in the Grove] by Gilbert King Need : 1. summary of findings/outline of paper—Nov.14 2. final research paper – Dec. 12 (Whoever take this job will also take the next one -- the 10-12 pages final research paper.) Master Degree level..
Investigate the history of slavery and discuss the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society
Create a proposal of 2 pages that references one academic scholarly source for the research project you intend to complete. This project should engage at least one academic source, should include an introduction and thesis to the best extent that you know it at this point in time, and should locate a central controversy that requires deft and subtle handling...
Ethical-Legal Decision-Making Informatics Disaster Plan Proposal
Create Part 1 of the three-part Proposal on the topic of decision-making for informatics during a disaster. The focus is how to keep communications and the flow of health information working across all systems in the real world and/or at your place of employment. In Part 1, add the following critical elements: •Write an introduction based on a literature review..
The effect of Homelessness to access to the medical system
7 page paper, APA, Current references all within 7 years, Must me nursing related and references from the USA about the homless. Please do not repeat the same idea more than one time in the paper . I do not want the same thought said over and over. No title page
“The Impact on wives of expatriates in Gulf countries and its Implications for Pastoral Care
1. Introduction 1.1. Rationale 1.2. Statement of the Problem 1.3. Elaboration of the Problem 1.4. Literature Review 1.5. Research Question 1.6. Purpose Statement 1.7. Hypothesis 1.8. Working Hypotheses 1.9. Objectives 1.10. Methodology 1.11. Method of Data Collection 1.12. Reliability and Validity 1.13. Definition of Key Terms 1.14. Scope and Limitations..
Human resources management
Plagiarism free I would like to send you a list of books I chose in addition to the literature review.
Thesis proposal of 3000 words on anything shipping related in Maritime Business
Write a three-prong thesis statement
Write a three-prong thesis statement for the following topics: Violence on television and in films Changes in divorce laws Americans' dependence on the automobile
Web Critique #2
Due date is on the march 9th. I will send you the book The primary purpose of the second web critique is to argue the overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness of an e-commerce site based solely upon its home page and pathway pages. Or said differently, the primary purpose of web critique #2 is to argue the overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the home page..
research on bilateral trade between india-china in raw cotton commodity
Ⅰ. Literature Review Ⅱ. Research Background and Significance Ⅲ. Main Content Ⅳ. Key Points, Difficulties in Study and Solutions to Take Ⅴ. Thesis Workload and Schedule march 6 2017 to mqy 2018 Ⅵ. Intending Achievements
IP law in the American and European pharmaceutical industries
1) Advantages of using patents protection in the US/Europe 2) Main challenges and limitations in the US/Europe law 3) Case Study of the famous American/European based company using patent protection and facing any kind of infringement of patents Please, split the work in 2 parts. First analyze the US and then Europe (you can focus on Scandinavian countries..
final project proposal
please help me to write a 400 words proposal for my final project.
this proposal is due tommorow. so i need it emergency. better before 10 pm. the requirement and sample is in attachment. the subject is climate. u need narrow the topic first.
HISTORY MULTIMEDIA PROJECT PROPOSAL GUIDELINES... Clear (thesis) statement of research question – Very clearly state what you will be studying. Be sure that this is understandable to someone who doesn’t know much about your field of study. If needed, define terms. To test your explanation – give this to a friend not in your major. If he/she doesn’t understand,..
Thesis proposal
It only needs to be one page but split into two paragraphs. Also due in 8 hours at 12am
European History
Assignment #1 (Thesis Statement/Annotated Bibliography): This assignment is designed to aid students in the writing of their term paper by obliging them to formulate a thesis statement and to do some of the readings relevant to the term paper well in advance of the final submission. This assignment also introduces students to the craft of critical reading..
Hispanic struggle/striving in the business world
Thesis Paper Half of the course will be devoted to drafting and completing a thesis paper that explores an important and controversial topic relevant to the student’s chosen field of study. Students will be encouraged to make a claim about a topic related or within their field, explore it using databases, available statistics, news articles, books and journals,..
The Philosophy of New Media
Attached are the instructions. I want to approach my thesis based on the topic c (see the document), but instead I want to argue with Benjamin Walter. Giving the kind of approach that technology as reproduction is not destroying the work of art. I want to give it a positive focus like "wider the world" "for all" "to the universe". What about if the authors agree with..
Phonological Attrition with Ultrasound Images and English vowels.
A Study of Individual Phonological Attrition in bilinguals (Koreans) with Special Reference to Ultrasound Images and the Perception and Production of English vowels." ->> This will be the title of Doctoal Thesis Proposal and I suppose about 5-6 pages. if U could start, i will give more detail information. Please contact me those who have this kind of knowledge..
answer the question
Your question: Why is it difficult to address the problem of plastic pollution in India? - answer the question with a minimum of 75 words. 2- reply to someone else's post with and insightful question. 3- reply to someone else's post with an insightful comment that demonstrates your understanding of the course concepts. "I agree" is not an insightful comment...
Research Paper Outline
Your revised thesis statement after 3 weeks of research. An outline of your research design including introductory points, major topical points, and sub-points for each, and concluding points. IMPORTANT NOTE: A brief narrative statement (sentence or two) is expected for each point and sub-point within your paper. The goal is to tell us where you are going..
Outline and Thesis Statement
As you gather and read through your project sources, you should begin building your outline. This week, you are required to submit a substantive outline with your thesis statement and your potential arguments/discussions. This outline should not be a rough draft. It should be at least 2 pages, written in substantive, sentence-format, showing a clear road..
Missing quotaions
Hi I am missing some quotations in my analysis writing, and they are in total 9. They need to be entered so the analysis can sound logical. They need to be done with someone professional at English to support the written analysis. They need to be sound like a spoken language. Any help much appreciated...
Reflective Practice and Career Goals
Please read thoroughly before bidding please. My topic is Critical Thinking with Innovative Simulation or Technology in Adult Education Reflective Practice and Career Goals Overview People who understand their purpose are more likely to gain the full value of their education. Purpose serves as both an anchor and an inspiration as you take on the challenge..
thesis proposal
-Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 50 assignment done -High quality assignment content -(+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grades are given -references are in Harvard style
Stockx Strategic to become one of the successful secondary market compare to other(ebay, grailed, depop etc)
-Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 50 assignment done -High quality assignment content -(+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grades are given -references are in Harvard style
answer questions of case study
read the case study and answer the question from 1- 5
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