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Present Feuerbach’s case for modern humanist atheism
Briefly outline those aspects of atheistic critiques of religion which continue to be convincing to theologians as well as those which are not. Must use these Sources: Ludwig Feuerbach, “Preface to the Second Edition, 1841” In "The Essence of Christianity" Leipzig, 1841 http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/feuerbach/works/essence/ec00.htm..
Describe and discuss three paintings/sculptures with religious content from Baroque and/or Modern art.
Try to avoid lengthy boibliographies about the artist, focus on the works. Take into account iconography and style of the work. In particular describe and discuss the religious/theological/spiritual dimensions and meaning in the works. Must attach pictures of the works chosen.
list in your opinion the two most important themes of the pentateuch
Reference from the bible mostly. Chose at least 3 other sources but do not directly quote. This is a preparation for an exam so no particular referencing form needed. just let me know the names of the sources you chose. Thank you!!
Choose a Religion in Dublin, and write about it sticking to the folowing guidelines.
Pretend you are part of a team writing a guide book to religion in Dublin. Chose a religion that you believe should be included in the book. You must pretend that you have visited and researched a place that is connected to your chosen religion (eg: a church). Guidelines for essay: Formal Essay Questions and breakdown (please address them in your assignment, add..
Did the Greeks believe in their myths? Analyse Paul Veyne’s contribution to the discussion.
Must read at least 2 of these sources. Sources: Veyne, P. Did the Greeks believe in their myths? An essay on the constitutive imagination (Chicago: 1988). Calame C. “Greek Myth and Greek Religion”, in R. D. Woodard (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology (Cambridge: CUP, 2007), 259-285. Bremmer J. N. Greek Religion (Oxford: OUP, 1994)...
religion the opium of the people; an examination of relgion on the igbo tribe of nigeria during colonial exp
TITLE ‘Religion the Opium of the People’, An Examination of Religion on the Igbo Tribe Of Nigeria During and After the Colonial Experience ABSTRACT Nigeria was amongst other African nations that were colonized by the West. The British colonialists found it an easy task to impose the indirect rule policy, Christianity and Western education to the Southern part..
Identify any historical purpose’s behind the writing of Luke's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, & John's Gospel
Identify any historical purpose(s) behind the writing of Luke's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, and John's Gospel. Include a reference to any historical factor mentioned in the recommended sources that may have triggered the writing of Luke's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, and John's Gospel as well as references to statements within those three. Class lesson..
Breaching Sacred Ground: The Dakota Access Pipeline
General: term paper must be - 8-10 (10 would be preferable) pages - Chicago style including in text citations and bibliography (does not have to be an annotated bibliography) - Need at least one source per page - Must use 10 sources, do not accede 12 - Can only use one electronic source - Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins, double spaced What the term paper is about:..
Introduction to Religion
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Read pages 215–226 of Religion As Art Form. If you have the Kindle book these pages begin in chapter 6 with the sub-heading “Changing Relationships: The Ultimate Reality” and continue to the last page of the book. Choose a topic or themes from these pages and discuss in a 5–7 page, double-spaced paper, including at least three (3) footnote references..
Your task is to interview 2-4 people about their religious beliefs (or disbelief) and to find out how they perceive the basis of (the reasons for) their own beliefs (or disbelief). Use the material we have discussed in Weeks 1-4 to formulate questions and to probe into the interviewee's faith. Then write a report summarizing the results of your interviews and..
It must contain 6 to 8 pages of double-spaced text and a separate Reference List page. - one-inch margins -font size 11 or 12 -properly paper citations (notes) and references -using APA style -proofread for grammar and typos -page numbered -easily readable font style such as Times New Roman, Ariel, Georgia, or Calibra -It have to be from the source provided, and..
Spiritual Biography
A. Write your spiritual biography: What persons and/or events have had an influence in your experience of faith...faith in yourself, others, and God. What has been your faith journey until today? B. Read Chapters 1 & 2 of FAITH, RELIGION, and THEOLOGY. Respond by Sunday. 1. Explain the difference between faith and belief. 2. How does faith relate to the mind,..
Human Nature & God's Redemption
all religions and world-views tell a story about humanity's problems and the solution to those problems. Unfortunately, most Christians cannot tell the basic story of Christianity. They know some parts (Noah, King David, Moses, or Jesus' miracles) but they are unable to clearly and succinctly explain the basic story that Christianity tells. In this final..
World view chart assignment
Choose one of the categories below in the instructions ...the instructions below should be clear...the religions we studied were...Hinduism...Jainism....Buddhism...Daoism...Confucianism...Shinto...Zoroastrianism...Judaism....Christianity...Islam...Sikhism...
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