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w10 Assignment: Write a Paper Examining Issues Facing Women with Co-Occurring Disorders
Your task in this assignment is to explore the relationship between women and co-occurring disorders. Specifically, you will examine the evidence as to whether there is a gender difference in co-occurring disorders. You may agree that there is a gender difference, disagree, or argue that more research is needed before a conclusion can be reached on this issue...
Write a Paper on Explanatory Models of Co-occurring Disorders
Models of co-occurring disorder provide guidance in understanding the etiology and development of the dual or multiple disorders. The reading for this week provides an overview of the basic models that explain co-occurring disorders. As you complete this assignment (as outlined below), review the bulleted questions posed above in this week’s introduction..
What can parents do to minimize conflict with adolescents or handle it effectively?
Write a 4-5 page paper on one of the topics listed below. The paper must be based on at least 3 sources and at least one of these sources must be one of the websites or online articles, or other books and articles that I list with the topics. The paper should have an introductory paragraph or paragraphs that introduce the question that you will address in your paper,..
some issue or person from the history of psychology
It is expected that each student will take a historical perspective in writing a term paper on some issue or person from the history of psychology*. The papers are to be about 8 pages typed double space (12 point font only) in the standard APA style. If you are not familiar with this style of referencing and paper writing please take a look at the APA publication manual..
650 Clinical Psychology: Psychological Treatment Plan
Psychological Treatment Plan It is recommended that students review the e-book The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner (Jongsma, Peterson, & Bruce, 2014) for additional assistance in completing this assignment. Clinical and counseling psychologists utilize treatment plans to document a client’s progress toward short- and long-term goals...
Bill Gates: An Examination of Personality Across Time
The attached files have all the information pertaining to the paper including the lecture slides containing the possible personality models. I believe the Big 5 Personality model and Hierarchical Model will be the easiest to compare and contrast Document format: -12 size font, Times New Roman -double spaced -use of lecture slides as references is strongly..
Case study/Questions paper & Short answer worksheet
Read the case study: Portrait of a Family Provide short answers of 250-500 words each, addressing each of the following; Describe how each role in the family system operates to support and/or deny the addictive behavior. How does family support, or lack thereof, influence the outcome of the addicted individual in the story? Describe the potential impact treatment..
Mental Stigma victims may impact a person to have a serious mental illnesses
the whole title should be: Mental Stigma victims may impact a person to have a serious mental illnesses such as phobia, social anxiety, or even suicide . Please feel free to modify and shorten the title and the story I provided. Same as last time. But to remind you in an attachment. and a story of a study case in a different attachment...
Hypochondria causing illness anxiety disorder develop mostly when overexposed to disease information
Case study paper will be 4-6 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format. Requirements: 1. Students will pick one diagnosis covered in the course as well as a theoretical standpoint from which to write about this diagnosis. Special attention should be given to how the theory explains the origin, manifestation, and treatment of the chosen..
To what extent are the lives of adolescents and young adults shaped by parental and peer influences?
Please extends the paper by 3 pages and make corrections where it states it needs it. I can answer any questions Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course..
HIV/AIDS and methods to support the HIV/AIDS-positive client during the therapeutic process.
An important component of being a competent counselor is to identify a variety of methods that can be implemented when counseling clients who may present with HIV/AIDS. Write a paper of 1,000-1,500 words discussing HIV/AIDS and methods to support the HIV/AIDS-positive client during the therapeutic process. Address the following in your paper: Discuss how..
LASA 1—Analysis of Historical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
As someone knowledgeable about research on children with exceptionalities, you have been given the task of presenting a report to the court on your arguments for and against people with intellectual disabilities raising children. Do the following: Launch the online library (under Academic Resources). Select Find Videos. Select Filmakers Library Online...
role of managed care and integrated health system.
Details: Write a 750–1,000-word paper about the role of managed care and integrated health system. Include and address the following in your paper: A discussion of how solution-focused therapy and family systems therapy fit into managed care. Include at least one key theorist of family systems theory and their major contribution. A discussion of how post-modern..
Secondary language and effects on the bilingual brain
APA FORMAT...NO PLAGIARISM! 8 pages long. this paper is based on second language learning and the bilingual brain. You are to read the following 3 articles and follow this format: introduce topic (article 1) introduce the article methodology results (artcile 2) introduce article methodology results (aryicle 3) introduce article methodology results conclusion..
Psychological research into how people understand their social world
"Psychological research into how people understand their social world has benefitted from drawing upon a diverse range of methods." "Evaluate this claim ,drawing upon examples from across the module to support your answer." A good range of examples need to be given from a range of psychological research methods that have been covered within the module. The..
How do social economic factors affect personality?
The essay must answer these questions using the required textbook. I would provide the text needed. The essay has to be in MLA format How do social- economic factors affect personality? In addition, how did Karl Marx believe economic affected personality and what remedies did he believe would improve the quality of life for society? How was Marx influenced by..
Capstone Essay (1300-1500) + Portfolio Essay (550-600 words) as one order
Total 2 essays in one order " Interdisciplinar Research and Inquiry Reflective Essay" (550-650 words) I will give you 2 artifacts for you to write about. This is due by May 2 5pm (PST time- Seattle) which mean 25hrs . “Capstone essay” (1300-1500 words) This will be due on May 12 5pm (PST time – Seattle)..
Feminism: A Psychobiographical Exploration of Emma Watson
Psychobiography Paper. You will be writing a psychobiography about Emma Watson. In this paper you have to analyze her personalities with using different personality theories. The paper should be between 7-8 pages of content in APA format ( including the reference page). The rubric of the paper and a sample paper are attached...
"Charles Manson" write about his life of a serial Killer.
TOPIC - "Serial Killer" "Charles Manson" write about his life of a serial Killer. APA Format Cover page 3-5 pages not including the cover page and reference page 12 pt Times Roman font Reference page (min. of 3)
Cultural Similarities and Differences in Display Rules
To prepare for this Assignment: • Read the chapter, “Emotion” in the course text, Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications (5th ed.), focusing on emotion recognition, preceding events, emotional expression and display rules, and emotions in cross-cultural contexts. • Review the Learning Resources, especially the..
Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices Assignment Guidelines
Directions: Follow the directions below to write a paper of 1,500-1,750 words on counselor ethical boundaries and practices. Provide a thoughtful response to each of the following four sections, including specific, concrete examples to illustrate your ideas. Use the section headings provided below to separate each section of your paper. Your final deliverable..
Teen Pregnancy: Human Services Ethics and Interventions
read a case scenario (I will supply) respond to some questions related to the impact of the environment on behavior and choices, the impact of the client-human services professional relationship, and how identifying potential ethical issues and the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) Ethical Standards can help guide you in working with clients...
The influence of philosophy and physiology on early psychological thought
• Discuss the major contributions of one philosopher and outline his or her major contributions to the field. (Rene Descartes) • Discuss the major contributions of one physiologist and outline his or her major contributions to the field. (Margaret Floy Washburn) • Discuss how philosophy and physiology have influenced psychology. • Provide examples of how..
Personal Theories Paper on Mental Health Counseling
This paper is an exercise in reflection and self- examination. There are no right or wrong responses. The paper should be 8 to 10 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font size. Include a cover page and references. Think about the theories we have studied so far and think about your personal beliefs, values and assumptions. Which theory or theories fit for you and which..
"The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down"Reflective Paper
Each student must pick ONE question to answer from #1 – #3, and then answer #4. Include the # or the question before your answer. Make sure that you address the entire question and use examples (include page #s) to support your answer. Your response MUST be your own original work, typed, double-spaced, 12 font size, 1” margin, use APA citation, and be no more than..
Personality Theory Paper & Presentation of Sigmund Freud
Each student will research an assigned personality theorist and summarize their theory through discussing the development of personality, healthy behaviors versus personality disorders from the theory perspective, review the measurement/assessment of the theory, and review current issues with your assigned personality theory. Your paper should..
Theoretical perspectives in educational psychology.
For this assignment, refer to the following resources only: - A newspaper article published on Houston Chronicle on September 15, 2002 by Stacey Burling (provided below); - Selective Mutism: Practice and Intervention Strategies for Children (also provided below); & - Course textbook. In light of the perspectives from the behavioral theories we covered..
How sport related concussions effect cognitive functions
Written Project (Term Paper) This paper will be about 6 pages long, typed, doubled-spaced and in 12 font (about 1800 words). For this paper, you need to imagine that you are writing a science news or feature article for publication in the science section of the newspaper. If you want to see a model, find the New York Times or the Boston Globe on any Tuesday and look..
Understanding Prejudice How It Forms and How to Prevent It
2,300-2,500 words on understanding prejudice how it forms and how to prevent it The assignment must include at least eight academic viable sources, four of those with publication dates from the past two years. APA format, American English.
Address a Potential Multiple Relationship Violation
Reworded Assignment Title: Analyze the ethics difficulties in responding to a request for services, and resolve those difficulties. You are a single parent of two children: a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old. You are also a licensed psychologist. You have had the same live-in caretaker, Angela, for your children since they were born. Angela tells you that her teenage..
Piaget's toy evaluation for understanding Cognitive dev
Piaget's toy evaluation for understanding Cognitive development Assignment Directions You are required to write a 6-8 page paper on Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory. The paper will have three sections: an introductory paragraph briefly describing Piaget’s theory and your approach to the paper, the body of the paper, and a succinct conclusion describing..
Term paper on "Spiritual development over the lifespan"
One important aspect of development not adequately addressed in our textbook is spiritual development. From a Christian perspective we hold that people develop holistically--body, mind, and spirit. To sharpen your thinking along these lines, you will have the opportunity of writing up a term paper outlining YOUR substantiated perspectives on spiritual..
Individual Programmatic Assessment: Personality Development Paper
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that examines the influences of traits—such as trait theory—and biology—such as temperament—on personality development. Answer the following questions in your paper: How does the gene-environment interaction influence personality? Is culture a factor in personality expression? What do twin studies show us about the..
Behavior Modification
It needs to be a 2 to 5 page paper on modifying a child's behavior, similar to a case study.
an intervention/treatment program 2
Write a 6-8 page paper (Not including your cover page) on an intervention/treatment program from this term, used to treat a DSM-V diagnosable illness (Briefly explain the diagnosis). This paper will be both a research and critical analysis paper on the intervention you have chosen to write about. This means you need to include what it is, how effective it can..
Family Dynamics
Family dynamics play a major role in how children develop. These influences include structure, expectations, parenting styles, and involvement. To understand more about how childhood experiences with your family have influenced current identification of self, take a few minutes and think back to those days. Analyze the role that family structure, expectations,..
Pursuit of Happiness
The authors of your textbook describe the American emphasis on the pursuit of happiness. Write a 700- to 900-word paper explaining the cultural and historical factors that contribute to this perspective. Contrast the traditional American perspective on happiness with the traditional Asian perspective on happiness. Textbook is: Baumgardner, S. R. and..
becoming better adjusted
Part 1 – Self-Analysis What is the area of your life where you feel you could be better adjusted? Explain how lack of adjustment in this area has negatively impacted your life. Provide a background of how this behavior and/or belief system came to be. What are the triggers or antecedents that trigger or impact this behavior and/or belief system? Part 2 – Research..
Outline for term paper
Psychology - Music Term paper outline WITHIN 6 HOURS it will be reviewed through attatched file. (use as a guideline)
History/info group therapy
Write a paper of 750-1,000 words addressing the following: 1. Describe the development of group therapy. 2. Address how World War II played a role in the group therapy evolution. 3. Explain the impact of group therapy on treatment of substance use disorders. minimum of three scholarly references in addition to the textbook in your paper...
Observation Paper
Instructions abstract, As discussed the first night of class, each of you student will observe one child (not your own) during the first half of the term. The assignment is due the fifth week. You may observe the child in his/her home, school, or at play. The observation should last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will write a short paper two to three page paper detailing..
Pregnancy or Child Rearing
Each of you will CREATE, DESCRIBE, AND RESEARCH A situation of pregnancy or child rearing from the parents point of view. The expectant mother can be of ANY AGE, single or married, any SES, near family or not. The child being raised will be between six months and six years of age being raised. The "family" can be of any age, any SES, two parents, or a single parent home;..
i need this done by saturday 02/18, which is 2 days, please use 3 journal articles for this 2 page outline
Counselor Burnout
paper in which you identify symptoms of burnout, contributing factors including frustrations with victims and stakeholders, clinician’s beliefs, and what steps a counselor can take to reduce or prevent counselor burnout when working with victims of abuse, domestic violence, and working with other stakeholders involved with a family history of abuse...
Reflection on History of Psychology
Choose an area of psychology covered during the course that is of interest to you or in which you already work, such as developmental, cognitive, neuroscience, et cetera. You will be describing the historical progression of this particular area of psychology. How did it develop as a specialized area of psychology? You will then be illustrating how this area..
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